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Ever wondered why we like new things? We may want a new phone, new clothes or new places to visit? According to scientists, we like new things because we are attracted to novelty.

So, when it comes to a new year of work, is it worth translating the classic ‘new year, new me’ philosophy into the workplace? Well, it might actually be more useful than you may think. When our brains react to novelty, we release dopamine which is linked to our motivation, as well as our learning and memory capabilities. These processes are also all extremely applicable for the work environment.

To gain the benefits of ‘newness’ this year at work, here is what we suggest:

NEW YEAR, NEW ME: Self-awareness

Aim this year for you to be more self-aware. Self-awareness involves having a clear perception of your personality, including your strengths, weaknesses and motivations. It also allows you to understand other people and your responses to them in the moment. Therefore, becoming more self-aware at work can help you improve many aspects of working. These may include:

– Being more organised
– More effectively listening and responding to others
– Becoming timely and prompt
– Speaking up about your opinions

Self-awareness can improve your overall productivity, communication skills and happiness at work. In fact, self-aware workers are found to be especially good at working in teams. They also are likely to achieve overall success as they can identify weaknesses and rely on their team cover these. (Cornell University Study)

NEW YEAR, NEW ME: Try something new

Aim to try something new at your workplace. Trying something new and out of routine doesn’t have to be scary. You can start with little changes. For example:

– Go outside if you are usually inside all day
– Try to be more social
– Get lunch at a new place
– Alternatively, pack your lunch from home instead
– Rearrange your desk
– Skip out on the coffee run
– Enjoy your breaks more

Why is it useful to switch up your routine at work? Well, trying something new is beneficial for personal growth. Additionally, Forbes has found that new experiences trigger the release of dopamine which is what can motivate us! (Motivation is something we can all use when returning to work!)


Perhaps the start of the year is time for a fresh start at work. If you find yourself:

– Being unhappy at work
– Feeling like you are just plodding along
– Not getting enough pay
– Need a change

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