Video Referencing: Why YOU should be using it.

The digital age has created an overtly crowded arena for the employment world with even the most highly accredited candidates often finding it difficult to stand out.

As discussed in our previous article videos are fast becoming a dominant mode of communication in the recruitment industry with video job adverts and video resumes becoming the ‘go-to’ for employers and employees seeking to differentiate themselves in this highly saturated market.

But what many have overlooked is the power of Video Referencing:

  1. Stand out from the crowd

It’s no secret that with the current job-board paradigm recruiters have to sift through mass volumes of resumes and rarely have time to take more than a glance at your reference list. A video reference is more than likely help you stand out from this sea of candidates.

  1. Immediately validates your resume

A video reference immediately validates your resume and could easily be the difference between your resume and another highly similar one.  Employers usually only check your reference list once you’ve made the shortlist – but a video reference is more than likely to be viewed prior to this because well… it’s right there in front of them!

  1. Authenticity & Credibility

Elements such as visual cues, body language and tone of voice that cannot be incorporated into a written reference letter more effectively showcases the opinion in the reference. A video reference also ads greater credibility to your reference and overall profile as no half-hearted person would be willing to take the time to create a video for you.

  1. Shows your sense of technology and innovation.

Video referencing is a unique and innovative use of technology and shows your ability to think outside the square.  It showcases your ability as a forward thinker which is always a plus in the eyes of an employer.

So how do you showcase your video reference?

The reality is that most of the dominant employment platforms have not kept up with the digital age and don’t provide candidates with an easy way of attaching a video reference to their applications.


Increasing frustrations have amounted to the development of new and more effective platforms such as I Want 2 WORK.

I Want 2 Work places its value on building high quality profiles and gives candidates easy access in creating and uploading video references.

Get on board with video referencing and showcase it today! 

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