Globalisation, digitalisation and automation are contributing to a rapidly changing jobs market with many professions in steady decline. However, this isn’t the case for all industries! Our team did a little bit of research into which jobs are experiencing growth.

Here’s our top 4:


Hospitalist are essentially physicians specializing in taking care of hospitalized patients. They perform many activities including patient care and teaching and their role often requires a high level of mental and physical endurance.  Hospitalist are continually in high demand as the need for hospitalist has remained on the rise with an 87% increase per year.

Hospitalist earn an average of $222,000 per year. Not bad hey!!

Data Scientist:

Data scientists interpret data that can provide business insights. With the rise digital technologies, businesses are beginning to utilise the new data available to them. This can include valuable information about target segments and consumer trends which can be a highly useful marketing tool.
Data Scientists have a median salary of $110,000 per year with a growth outlook to 2024 of 16%!

Software Developers:

The increase of automated apps, computer software and websites have resulted in a rise in the need for software developers. This job can be performed virtually anywhere and offers a high degree of flexibility!
This profession earns an average of $98,000 per year and has an unemployment rate of only 2% (very low!)

Tax managers:

Tax managers are essentially trained experts who prepare business tax documents, solve tax related problems and ensure that all business tax requirements are achieved in accordance with government regulation.

Taxes are becoming more complicated each year as governments continually create new laws. This has increased the demand for tax managers who now have a medium salary between $103,000 with a 52% year on year growth (according to Forbes).

As an individual apart of the Australian workforce it’s important to stay up-to-date with where our market of jobs is shifting and the new trends within this market. Alongside growing industries new innovations such as I Want 2 WORK are an important aspect of this changing market, ultimately changing the way we seek talent for our businesses and find new jobs.

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