Top 3 recruitment trends for 2017!

As the Australian job market adapts to the impact of new technologies and globalisation, a number of key trends have emerged in the recruitment scene this year.

With greater education and access to data, employer’s values and methodologies are beginning to shift!

Here are the top three key trends our team found:

1. Cultural Fit for the win

Employers are increasingly placing value towards cultural fit when hiring candidates for their workplace, often even choosing the slightly less qualified candidate for the more suited personality! Essentially, they are looking for candidates whose values, attitudes and personality fit their workplace.

Not only does this ensure the company’s values and culture remain intact, but it means the candidate is more likely to enjoy their job and thus show commitment to their workload.

2. Social Media used to assess candidates

Social Media has become a powerful tool for employers and recruiters to assess potential candidates. Employers can now view pretty much your entire online presence including your Linked In, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles.

So, what’s the key message here? Make sure you don’t have anything online you wouldn’t want your future employer to see! See our previous article on “What NOT to do on Social Media“!

3. Mobile takes charge

Job seekers are increasingly using their mobile phones to search and apply for jobs and recruiters/employers are starting to catch on! A mobile-first approach is beginning to take charge when it comes to posting job ads and sourcing candidates.

4. Digital, Digital & DIGITAL

The days of shop front advertising and handing in paper resumes are rapidly diminishing. A combination of online job sites such as I Want 2 WORK and social platforms like Linked In are now dominating the recruitment scene. Pretty much the entire process has become digital with many large companies now even developing their own in-house digital recruitment systems!

The I Want 2 WORK job portal demonstrates just how effective digital technologies can be towards streamlining the current recruitment process. This site is designed to save time, money and frustration for all involved in the job search/hiring process!

Check it out today!

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