The rise in job profiles vs. searching for a job

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There are a variety of ways to get your hands on a job opportunity in the current employment landscape. You can apply for a job by responding to a job advertisement posted online, get offered a job at the end of an internship or you might even know someone personally who can get you a foot in the door. However, there is an ever-growing increase in job seekers turning away from these traditional methods. Rather than searching, more and more job seekers are self-promoting their skills and getting discovered, poached and contacted by employers through online job profiles.

A potential leading reason for this shift is the landscape itself. Traditionally, the process of getting a job, or finding a new employee for both job seekers and employers has been lengthy. It often leads to a lot of time, money and effort being wasted.

Searching for a job = frustration

For job seekers, traditional methods of getting a job require you to rewrite resumes and cover letters, submit applications and answer phone calls. With a whole lot of waiting in between. Sometimes job seekers don’t even get a response from an employer and thus have to start the whole process all over again.

Frustration can be felt by employers too. Traditional methods of hiring staff involve spending large sums of money to post advertisements on job boards, or outsource to a recruitment agency. Often this leaves employers with many resumes and applications to filter through.

The shift to job profiles

Clearly a change was needed to address these problems and issues. The shift to job profiles has changed the way job seekers and employers find work – for the better. It has put the power and confidence back into consumer hands.

Employers know what candidate is right for their business. Rather than waiting for various applicants to apply for a job, employers are now searching, selecting and contacting job seekers through job profiles.

Job seekers are tired with the ineffectiveness of searching on job boards. They are now presenting themselves in a professional manner by means of an online job profile and getting discovered.

Many websites have responded. For example, LinkedIn has introduced job features where recruiters can search LinkedIn profiles and message those who look suitable. Traditional job search websites such as Seek have also adopted features where employers can scan through uploaded resumes.

Job profiles = the solution

A prominent brand leading this type of ‘flip’ style recruitment model is IWant2Work. The website portal is effective as both parties; job seekers and employers can connect in one place. It not only allows job seekers to establish an outstanding job profile, but it also provides excellent features for employers to search and contact relevant candidates for their job opportunity. Employers can seamlessly shortlist suitable candidates and contact them through the portal in a fast and cost-effective manner in comparison to other online platforms.

Benefits for job seekers: job seekers have the power to create a job profile and choose the industry and role they wish to work in. They can showcase their strengths, skills, experience, education and more in a professional way to get them job ready. This information will appear in search results, so they will only get contacted for job opportunities that are relevant to them!

Benefits for employers: employers have control over who is right for their business. They can search, shortlist, select and contact the right job candidates for their business. By utilising data and filtering features, employers are saving valuable time searching through job profiles that match their job brief. The portal also presents job profiles in a snapshot, showcasing the most important information. This gives employers the ability to skim through profiles in a timely manner. It is also one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market. Contacting 10 job seekers will only set you back $99.50. IWant2Work is revolutionising the recruitment and job industry.

Register as a job seeker or employer and connect to find the right job, or employee today!

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