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A cover letter is one of the first things an employer will read when you go for a job. Therefore, it is something you should spend a considerable amount of time on before you start searching for a new job. The purpose is to provide additional information and explain your resume in response to a job brief.

Here are our tips to help you write an engaging cover letter:

Tip 1) Tailor and modify

You shouldn’t send the same cover letter for each job opportunity. It is a great idea to keep a base version of your cover letter. Each time you go for a job, you should modify and alter certain parts to cater to the role.

Tip 2) Address the position

If you have been provided with a job description make sure you address the expectations and tasks. For example, if the job position requires certain skills, experience or knowledge you should outline how your experience is relevant and would be an asset to the role. You should also address the organisation and why you wish to work there.

Tip 3) Make an impression

As mentioned earlier, a cover letter is the first impression an employer has of you. It has the potential to be the difference between scoring an interview and an employer not even bothering to look at your resume. So, aim to make your skills, experience and enthusiasm shine!

Tip 4) Don’t repeat your resume

Your cover letter should describe your resume, not repeat it. It should be a separate document from your resume. Think of your cover letter as more of a sales pitch as to why you are perfect for the job.

Tip 5) Keep it short

A cover letter is strictly a one-page document. You should keep it concise, short and important. Don’t focus on everything you can offer, a simpler approach with your highlights is more effective.

Tip 6) Structured

Last but not least, a cover letter typically follows a strict structure. You should include your contact information followed by the date, the employer or hiring managers contact details, a salutation, a reply to the job opportunity, an introduction, body, closing paragraph and signature.

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