Embracing the “Digital Transformation”

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Digital transformation is contributing to the rapidly changing business landscape and if organisations want to survive, they need to understand and embrace these changes.

In our previous article, we explain what it really means to “Digitally Transform” your business, so now let’s talk about why you need to EMBRACE it.

Well the answer is plain and simple: You WILL get left behind

If you pay attention to current market trends you will see that Digital Transformation is already making its mark!

1. Businesses that fail to adapt and change are already getting left behind.

Disruptors such as Uber capitalised on mobile app technology and have now transformed the taxi market, even gaining enough power to change existing government regulation in their favour! Another prime example is Airbnb, it disrupted and forever changed the traditional structure of the travel and hotel industry. Only those willing to adapt and change their online models were able to remain competitive with these shifts.  And if this isn’t convincing enough, look at what happened to Kodak when they failed to adapt to the changing business scape. They invented the first digital camera in 1975 but were forced to file for bankruptcy in 2012!

Don’t get left behind!

Embrace the digital transformation in all aspects of your business and don’t get left behind! See our previous article on The Digital Transformation’ to understand how your business can effectively embrace these changes.

2. Utilize new innovations to your advantage

A key point we make in this article is that digitally transforming your business means utilizing new innovative disruptors to your advantage. As a business owner, you need to be aware of these innovations, making sure you capitalise on the potential opportunities they can provide for your business.

One such disruptor is the I Want 2 WORK job portal. This online innovation has transformed the traditional recruitment model and is changing the way businesses and job seekers view the recruitment process. It’s new model for employment is designed to save time, money and frustration for all involved in the recruitment process. Adopting this online portal into your business is a prime example of how embracing new digital technologies can benefit your business!

Ultimately, if you want to survive “The Digital Transformation” your business needs to adapt and EMBRACE it!

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