4 digital marketing trends for 2017

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The world of digital is rapidly evolving and digital marketers are constantly having to review their strategies in order to keep up. The rise of Social Media and Web 2.0 has seen a transformation in the way brands communicate with consumers. From a one-way method of communication through traditional media outlets to a two-way model direct with consumers, brands are now moving into new innovative ways of communicating their messages.

As this landscape is rapidly changing it’s important to stay up-to-date with what’s trending.

For 2017, the top 4 trends we found were: Read More

Why a video resume can help you land that dream job

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When it comes to the increasingly crowded market of online job seekers, it’s important to be aware of innovations that enable you to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

So, what’s trending in the digital world at the moment? VIDEOS! Why not turn your standard resume into a video!

It may seem like a time-consuming task but 30 minutes spent creating a Video Resume could prove to be a highly valuable investment to your future career. Read More

The Digital Transformation is HERE: What does this mean?

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Digital transformation is contributing to the rapidly changing business landscape and if organisations want to survive in this fast-evolving space they will need to understand and embrace the transformation.

According to a study sponsored by Microsoft and conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, digital transformation is occurring rapidly at a majority of public and private sector organisations.

As a business owner, you need to understand the opportunities and threats posed by these changes and you must be willing to digitally transform your business before it’s too late.

So, what does it mean to ‘Digitally Transform’ your business? Read More

the problem with online job boards

The problem with online job boards

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The boom of the digital age has amounted to an ever-expansive arena of engagement with online job boards dominating the recruitment scene.

Candidates now have virtually unlimited access to thousands of job adverts posted online whilst recruitment agencies and firms have access to this mass volume of ‘ready-to-go’ candidates.

But quantity does NOT always = quality.

Read More

Video Referencing: Why YOU should be using it.

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The digital age has created an overtly crowded arena for the employment world with even the most highly accredited candidates often finding it difficult to stand out.

As discussed in our previous article videos are fast becoming a dominant mode of communication in the recruitment industry with video job adverts and video resumes becoming the ‘go-to’ for employers and employees seeking to differentiate themselves in this highly saturated market. Read More

Videos: The latest trend in the recruitment industry?

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Online videos account for 50% of all mobile traffic and are now beginning to take charge in the recruitment industry.

With the current dysfunction of the recruitment paradigm, people are looking for new and innovative ways to manoeuvre themselves in this highly saturated arena. Whether it be employers creating job adverts or employees wanting to showcase their profiles – online videos are fast gaining popularity. Read More

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