I Want 2 Work is an online recruitment portal that connects employees and employers, fast. We like to think of ourselves as professional matchmakers, whether it’s for a short-term contract or a lifelong career.

If you want to work, IW2W is the perfect place to attract the attention of potential employers. You can establish a free profile in just a few minutes, get discovered and find work. It’s that easy. You can also build a professional resume using our IW2W Resume Builder tool and our IW2W Video Resume allows you to create an online video to showcase your skills and talents.

If you need talent fast, you’ve come to the right place. The I Want 2 Work team is certain that we can help you to save time, money and frustration by making the recruitment process easier. Simply create a job brief with the details of the role, then send it to the right candidates using our unique IW2W search function. You’ll only pay when a candidate accepts your contact request and will stay anonymous until you’re both ready to connect. It’s affordable, fast and secure—the way recruitment should be.

With excellent customer service and a growing community of users, IW2W is the ideal way to discover your ideal candidate or career and get to work!

How it works