6 Tips for conducting an effective interview

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Taking the time to employ someone, train them into a specific role, only to then find they are really not suited to your business can be a huge waste of time, money and resource. It’s important to get your hiring process right and this begins with the way you conduct your job interviews.

Here’s a few interviewing tips to keep in mind:

1. Prepare in advance:

Before the interview, make sure you have an agenda and clear idea of the direction you want the interview to take. Whilst you want to allow a degree of flexibility, having an agenda and a few set questions will make sure you receive the necessary information to make a thorough assessment of the candidate.

2. Include a variety of questions:

Different types of questions will showcase differing aspects of an individual’s skills and capabilities. It’s therefore important to mix it up so that you are conducting a thorough examination. A number of experts have proposed 4 key question types which include ‘fact-finding’, ‘creative-thinking’, ‘problem-solving’ and ‘behavioural’ type questions. Each of these require the candidate to showcase a different way of thinking and responding.

3. Start slow, safe and personal

Although you may want to observe the candidate under pressure, you also want them to answer your questions honestly and accurately. A number of studies indicate that the more comfortable someone feels, the more likely they will be to open up and give the most accurate answer. Begin your interview slowly, with simple questions, so you can ease the candidate into the more nitty gritty questions later on.

4. Don’t talk too much

One of the key errors many interviewers make is that they talk too much. Although questions are important, it’s the answers that matter the most! Make sure you give your candidate the time and space to answer each question thoroughly. You want to create an environment where they are doing majority of the talking and you are simply guiding them in the right direction.

5. Make sure you’re both on the same page

During the interview make sure the candidate understands the role they are applying for and that they are serious about the role. There’s nothing worse than going through the entire interview process and choosing the best candidate, only to find that they actually don’t want the job! Then you’ve just waisted valuable time and are back to the drawing board!

6. Take Notes

Obvious but essential – Taking notes allows you to keep track of particular quirks or points about each candidate. You will most likely be interviewing a number of potentials for the job and when it comes to making the final decision, having notes to draw back on will make sure you haven’t forgotten or confused any of the facts.


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