6 simple ways to motivate employees

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6 simple ways to motivate employees

One of the most effective ways to secure productivity in the workplace is keeping your employees motivated. Instilling motivation in your employees will help your business in various ways. High levels of motivation have been directly linked to increases in customer service, quality of work and less mistakes being made.

We have conjured up a couple of simple ways to keep your staff motivated which only spare you a little bit of effort, not the big bucks. Here are our 6 tips to motivate your team:

1. Check in on a frequent basis

Checking in on your staff on a regular basis is simple and effective. Communicating to your employees face-to-face, via an email or through a simple phone call can go a long way. If an employee feels as though they aren’t looked over, they may start to lose self-motivation. Checking in on employee progress, giving direction, feedback or encouragement are effective methods to secure highly motivated staff.

2. Support life outside of work

Supporting a healthy work-life balance has seen huge effects on employee satisfaction. If your employees are satisfied they are more likely to be motivated and productive. You may find ways to accommodate life outside of work by being flexible around study commitments or family time. You can also show support by celebrating life moments such as birthdays, baby showers or engagements.

3. Recognition

One of the most important factors in employee motivation is feeling recognised. If great work is being under-appreciated or unrecognised it may not last very long. You can make employees feel recognised for their work through verbal comments, or even workplace awards. It is also important to inform your employees how they bring value to the organisation, as it can serve as a foundation for their motivation.

4. Incentives

Implementing incentives throughout the workplace may be obvious, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. Incentives can be extremely useful to increase productivity if employee motivation is low. In fact, The Incentive Research Foundation found a 44% increase in work performance with monetary or tangible award incentive programs in place.

5. Fun

You may be amazed at how motivating a little bit of fun can be. Try integrating a variety of activities both inside and outside of the workplace. You may consider lunches, social events or even health and wellbeing programs. Research presented by Comcare Australia found that health and wellbeing programs positively impact workplace culture, increasing employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity.

6. Share business goals

Communicating the goals of the business can give your team a sense of purpose. Employees who understand that their contributions are important to the overall success of the business, are more likely to be productive.

Developing and maintaining good employee motivation begins with hiring the right people in the first place. If you are looking to hire the right employees for your business, I Want 2 WORK may be the solution for your next recruitment process. Get your business on board today!


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