4 digital marketing trends for 2017

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The world of digital is rapidly evolving and digital marketers are constantly having to review their strategies in order to keep up. The rise of Social Media and Web 2.0 has seen a transformation in the way brands communicate with consumers. From a one-way method of communication through traditional media outlets to a two-way model direct with consumers, brands are now moving into new innovative ways of communicating their messages.

As this landscape is rapidly changing it’s important to stay up-to-date with what’s trending.

For 2017, the top 4 trends we found were:

1. Video Content

Moving beyond simple eye-catching graphics, entertaining and creative videos have become the most engaged with medium on the internet. As such, they’ve become the go-to for communicating brand messages.

However, brand managers to need to be aware that simply posting any old video isn’t going to guarantee success. Brands are competing with social culture, celebrities and entertainment content and thus their content must be equally creative and entertaining if they are wanting to attract and maintain audience attention!

2. Facebook & Google Advertising

Facebook and Google have absolutely dominated the 2017 digital scene. Both platforms allow for targeted advertising, allowing brands to communicate their content to audiences they wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach. Also, be aware, Facebook’s new algorithms have meant it’s virtually impossible for any content to reach the audience network without paid sponsorship!

Google and Facebook provide valuable analytical tools enabling marketer’s the power to track elements such as audience online behavioural patterns and A/B testing to work out the most effective campaign approaches.

3. Influencer Marketing

Using Social Media influencers to promote products or as brand ambassadors has become integral to digital marketing.

Influencers allow a direct and targeted audience and can be an effective tool for adding credibility and authenticity to online brand messages. Influencers are also used as positioning tools as they can be used to project their particular values onto the brand.

4. Moving Beyond Branded Content

The issue that brands are beginning to realise is that Social Media is a SOCIAL platform and consumers have the power to simply swipe past promotional content.

Innovative brands are now moving away from branded content towards content that ads value. These brands recognise that that they are competing with online social culture, celebrities and entertainment and as such their content needs to do more than just communicate a message: they must entertain or add value!

So as we move towards the end of 2017, take note marketers:

This environment is changing, and its changing fast! Stay up-to-date and don’t get left behind!



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