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October 2017

Technology can be better than traditional recruitment for your business

5 reasons why technology can work better for your business than traditional recruitment

By | Blog, Employer

If you are ready to hire for a new position, or you need a role filled, heading straight to a traditional recruitment agency might not be the correct option for your business. In fact, 34% of employers in NSW described their recent recruitment experience as difficult (Australian Government Department of Employment). Many businesses and employers are unaware that there are better alternatives out there.

Some of the restrictions traditional recruitment options place on your business include:

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6 Tips for conducting an effective interview

By | Blog, Employer

Taking the time to employ someone, train them into a specific role, only to then find they are really not suited to your business can be a huge waste of time, money and resource. It’s important to get your hiring process right and this begins with the way you conduct your job interviews.

Here’s a few interviewing tips to keep in mind: Read More

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