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We help you discover your ideal candidate or career, but once we’ve made the connection it’s up to you to sort out the details and get to work. You’ll need to liaise directly with your job seeker or employer to finalise the workplace agreement and make sure you understand your legal rights and obligations. For more information, visit the Australian Government’s Fair Work Ombudsman website.


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I Want 2 WORK charges various rates for some of its activities. However, as a Job Seeker or Work Experience Candidate, the IWant2GetStarted  Basic membership is free. There are upgrades to your membership that you can purchase. Read More


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If you have an IWant2StandOut Professional subscription, you can create a Video Resume that showcases your personality and commitment to the job. Simply upload your video resume to YouTube or Vimeo and upload the embed link of your video to your IW2W profile. Read More

the problem with online job boards

The problem with online job boards

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The boom of the digital age has amounted to an ever-expansive arena of engagement with online job boards dominating the recruitment scene.

Candidates now have virtually unlimited access to thousands of job adverts posted online whilst recruitment agencies and firms have access to this mass volume of ‘ready-to-go’ candidates.

But quantity does NOT always = quality.

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Understanding millennials in the workplace

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Millennials: Those born between 1980 and 2000, are now the largest group since the Baby Boomer generation.

This generation has grown up with technologies such as broadband, iPhones, laptops and social media as part of their cultural norm. When it comes to the working world their behaviour and expectations are coloured by the fast-pace nature of this technological environment whereby instantaneous access to information and communication is a must.

So why are Millennials important? It’s predicted that by 2020 they will form just over 50% of the global workforce.

So take note people – They’re coming in!

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millennial career path work experience holding a compass infront of lake at sunset

A Guide for Millennials: How to choose a career path when you want to try everything

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How do you choose a career path when you have a number of interests and a number of options?

As a Millennial, you are born into a culture grounded in the belief that the future holds endless opportunities. The larger access and quality of education combined with the opportunities of the digital age have created larger windows of choice, but as you grow up you begin to realise that the older you become, the more these windows become smaller.

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