There are 2 types of people in the world: What does your inbox say about you?

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Most of us spend way too much time throughout the working day on our emails. Even though our job title may not be “Professional Emailer”, it is something that most of us have to do.

However, not all of us keep on top of our emails. There are two types of people in this world. There are those people with hundreds of unread messages in their inbox, and others who can’t relax until that pesky little notification icon is gone. So, what does your inbox say about you?

Inbox Zero

If your inbox is completely and entirely clean with all messages and emails read, you are part of the majority! One user poll recorded 67% of people achieve an empty inbox (inbox zero).

We prioritise our emails because each one that comes through our inbox potentially could be important or it begs for organisation. Here is what your inbox could say about your personality:

  • You like to take control
  • You are a tidy person
  • You are organised and have things in order
  • You may be easily distracted
  • You are a go getter and like to take action
  • You like to be rewarded
  • A perfectionist

Heading well over 1,547 unread emails

If you are the kind of person that doesn’t mind the overflow of messages piling in your inbox you are part of the minority at 33%! Most of the majority will probably argue that you are crazy.

However, here is something interesting you can tell them; your way may be more beneficial. In a recent study, research has found that in some cases those people who check their emails throughout the day may be less productive. Which means you are more likely to get back to work with what matters most. Here is what your inbox could say about your personality:

  • You may be a messy person
  • Procrastinator
  • You are focused
  • Not a stress head
  • At times disengaged
  • You recognise progress
  • Calm in chaos

In the end it all comes down to how you prioritise. Which one are you? 

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